About us

Jannec SA was founded in 1996 by Giannis and Nektarios Katsipis. However, its history starts several years ago, as today’s Jannec is the continuation of the, then small, family business started by Michalis Katsipis in 1972.
Over the years, the family business has become one of the largest companies for the import, promotion and distribution of alcoholic beverages in Greece, noting a dynamic growth in the beverage market, while maintaining the principles and ideals with which it started.
Relationships of trust, reliable service and the provision of high quality services are the main pillars of our philosophy. The continuous development of our company is based on the fact that for us every supplier, every partner and every customer is treated as a separate entity, which receives and enjoys all our attention and hard work. The efforts for improvement are daily and uninterrupted, and our goal is for every consumer to receive high quality products that lead him to pleasant moments of relaxation.
Jannec SA is characterized as a company with a human face, which creates profitable relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our goal is the continuous and healthy progress of our company, the constant development and the consistency. With these goals, Jannec SA will continue to be included in the list of the best alcoholic beverage distribution companies in Greece, which will reach international standards.
We provide our employees attractive returns and an excellent work environment, we offer our partners innovative solutions and business skills, and we look for new and bold communication and entrepreneurship strategies every day.
The moments of enjoyment and relaxation that we offer to each consumer individually through the distribution of our products, are based on the responsible consumption of alcohol. Our company systematically supports and encourages the idea of "enjoying responsibly", informing consumers about the risks of irresponsible and excessive alcohol consumption. Aware of the role of our company, we are the first to not ignore the harmful consequences of reckless consumption of alcohol and we must constantly inform and educate our consumers and partners.
The company is housed in the facilities of 7,500 square meters in Egaleo, next to the junction of the National Road Athens - Lamia, a point that facilitates the dispersion of the fleet in all parts of Attica and the region.
The company's fleet consists of 10 trucks, while it is manned with 12 drivers and 30 warehouse assistants.